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About Cosensa

Originally established as a training provider in 2003, we are registered as a Limited Company in Scotland with our main offices in Belfast and Stirling however we also cover the whole of the UK and Ireland. As a result of our incredible network of over 130 training professionals throughout the country, we are a training provider able to provide so much more than training, including business consultancy, coaching and executive development.

We are extremely proud of having delivered training to thousands of people over the years being involved in their personal development journeys and are proud to be the go-to people for, amongst others, these lovely clients listed below:

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A question often asked, even before we get to tell people what we do is, “Where does the name come from?” Well, that is a bit of a story.

Back in 2003, our founder Richard moved to Northern Ireland from his beloved Scotland for the best reason - love! He soon decided he was definitely staying and, drawing on the skills he had learned earlier in his career, in 2003 he established his first training company, Zest Training.

As the breadth and depth of our training offering expanded however, he decided we needed a more holistic re-brand to reflect the broader scope of services. Slap bang in the middle of the tech bubble and organisations hoovering up Top Level Domain names across the board, Richard embarked on finding a unique company name of which could be registered and a unique TLD purchased to allow him to develop the brand.

Where to start? Hours, days, weeks and months were spent pouring over words, their meaning, their origin, discussing, discarding, short-listing; then checking with Companies House and establishing, crucially, whether the domain was available! After much deliberation and the desire to create something original but with its roots in something with meaning emerged 'Cosensa': a collaboration of words. 'Cos' - as a young lad growing up in the '80's Richard was a keen follower of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos'.

In the series, Sagan chronicles 13.7 billion years of the creation of the Universe and cosmic evolution as well as the development of science and civilization. 'Sensa' - derives from the Japanese word 'sensei' loosely translating as teacher or master. Thus embodying the 'universal teacher' aspect of the name and the fact we deliver a wide range of training topics through our portfolio of products. In 2012, Richard's sister Laura joined the company cementing it as a family business with big ambitions.

Ably supported now by Eileen, Nicola and Vidette in Sales, Admin and Business Development roles, we also have over 130 (and growing!) exceptionally experienced trainers available to deliver the widest range of training, consultancy support, coaching and executive development as well as a strong network of partnerships, making us so much bigger than the sum of our parts.

If you're an experienced trainer, coach or facilitator and would like to join our successful network, we'd love to hear from you, so drop us a line!

Some of our Training Partners:

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