Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a high-level coaching approach that can provide a great developmental opportunity. It might not be familiar to you so here are a few things to know about Executive Coaching.

What is Executive Coaching?

An executive coach is a qualified professional selected to work with high-potential employees or company executives to help them gain greater levels of self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their own development objectives, unlock their potential and act as a sounding board. Often many have consulting or therapist backgrounds. Their ultimate aim is not to ask questions to help executives clarify and solve their own problems rather than giving advice or solving their clients' problems.

What Executive Coaches Do?

Our executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board, asking questions, challenging assumptions, helping to achieve clarity, provide resources, and sometimes, with permission, provide advice. They can help administer and interpret 360-degree and behavioural assessments, conduct confidential interviews to help a achieve greater self-awareness, and establish development goals.

Should you hire an Executive Coach?

These days, most organisations hire executive coaches as a means of investing in high potential employees or top executives. It is most common these days for organisations to recommend a coach to an executive as part of a future development program. The employees may be newly promoted, facing numerous new challenges, or being groomed for larger roles. Our coaches are also hired to correct behavioural issues and assist leaders in resolving interpersonal conflicts.

What does the process look like?

Typically, Executive Coaching involves a series of phases, starting with intake, assessment, goal setting, and development planning. It then progresses through the development plan with periodic check-ins with the executive's manager. The process is over when the development goals are achieved, or when the coach or candidate decides that it should stop. The typical duration of a coaching engagement is seven to 12 months.


All forms of communication between a coach and their candidate are completely confidential. If your organisation is paying for the coaching services, you may request and be entitled to certain forms of periodic status updates (dates, milestones achieved, etc.), however no other information regarding each intervention will be shared without the candidate's express permission.

Where it happens

Face-to-face is ideal as so much communication is non-verbal and face time helps in building rapport initially. However, it’s becoming more common to coach virtually over the phone or using video call options.

How do I engage with one of Cosensa’s executive coaches?

Pick up the phone or email us here so that we can help you scope out the issue. We would normally recommend a very brief interview process to identify the individual being considered, find out a lot more about their background, why they are being considered for additional assistance and what, if any, specific issues it is felt exist that it would help to have addressed.

Once completed, we will typically take a little time to consider which one of our highly experienced consultants, coaches we would assign. This would take into account important considerations such as their subject matter expertise, prior experience within your field or industry and a judgement based on the rapport we believe they would be able to establish with the candidate.

Thereafter a further call (preferably a video call) would be established between the executive coach and the candidate to help scope out the level and likely number of interventions we feel would be sufficient.

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