Project Management for Directors

Change & Project Management

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview

Effectively managing projects means delivering results against the pressures of time, budget and people. Senior management tasked with leading projects require many skills :organising scarce resources developing a project management vocabulary managing budgets managing deadlines controlling change throughout projects generating maximum performance from all the teams involved. This course demonstrates how best practice principles can assist you in successfully planning, managing and delivering projects on budget and on-time


This intensive 2 day course includes techniques and practical exercises on how to:

  • Produce a project plan that meets high expectations for successful delivery
  • Understand the role of the Project Managers and lead them in an effective and productive manner
  • Plan and run projects using an identified project management method Implement risk management techniques and mitigation strategies
  • Estimate task work and duration with confidence
  • Use manual and PC-based tools to best effect for planning, scheduling budgeting and monitoring Implement monitoring tools and controls to keep you fully in command of the project
  • Understand and use the best leadership skills required to run a demanding successful project.

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Project Management for Directors

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