Facilitating with Confidence

Behavioural Skills

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

This course is designed to help delegates prepare and deliver effective, interesting, and memorable facilitation sessions. It will provide delegates with the skills to help manage difficult issues creatively and collaboratively to achieve unanimous, agreed solutions. Regardless of the complexity of the topics being facilitated, this course will equip facilitators with the tools and techniques to bring about successful outcomes through thorough exploration of all participants ideas about possible problems, concerns, and solutions. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of how to best facilitate a meeting, event or workshop.


An Introduction to Facilitation Skills

  • Explore why learning facilitation skills are important to your organisation.
  • Discuss what being a good facilitator achieves for you as an individual. 

The key knowledge, skills, and behaviours of an excellent facilitator
  • Discuss the differences between training, presenting, and facilitating. 

  • Explore the knowledge, behaviours and skills of a facilitator.
  • Consider your own skill gaps in this context and how you can develop these. 

The barriers to effective facilitation and how to overcome them.
  • Identify the barriers to being an effective facilitator. 

  • Learn techniques to overcome them. 

Hosting an Effective Facilitation Session
Steps in preparation 
  • Identifying the purpose and objectives 

  • The kinds of information and data that would be useful to know. 

  • Consider your audience.
  • Pre-event consultations 

Explore the structure of an event using dynamic facilitation methodology.
  • The Opening Stage 

  • Introducing the process 

  • The art of “taking all sides”. 

  • Getting everyone’s contributions. 

  • Charting all contributions including problem statements, concerns, solutions and other information. 

The Transition and Intermediate Stage 

  • Welcoming concerns and new problem statements 

  • Working with advocacy 

  • Drawing out group divergence and convergence 

  • Maintaining a safe interactive and productive environment 

  • Trusting the group to own the process. 

  • Looking for a breakthrough.
The Closing Stage and Follow Up Activities 

  • Using outcome charts
  • Using bookmark charts 

  • Agreeing actions / next steps and the importance of follow up. 

Evaluate the actions you need to take to improve your facilitation skills.

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Facilitating with Confidence

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