Advanced Coaching Skills

Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Course Duration: Two days

Course Overview

This two-day course starts by exploring the definitions and benefits of coaching before moving on to discuss how adopting a coaching leadership style can drive performance, motivate, skill improvements and aid decision making. Delegates take a deep dive into the coaching federations best practice for coaching and learn the GROW model for coaching. 

Delegates will be equipped with a tool kit that enables them to have structured one to one coaching sessions and coaching conversations in everyday work situations. We explore a variety of questioning styles and how and when to actively listen. Delegates will also learn how to set and follow up on goals to ensure measurable and meaningful changes in team members performance. Video and tutor demonstrations assist to embed the learning, followed by highly interactive practice sessions with feedback. 

The course includes a variety of self-assessment activities. Delegates will leave with a firm understanding of their own learning styles and the importance of considering others’ styles when coaching. This is a highly interactive and participative course where delegates learn and practice coaching skills that they can use immediately in their workplace to make tangible changes to support individuals, improve performance and enable career development.


Day 1
This first day is dedicated to building understanding that coaching can happen in the moment and that it is a leadership style, not only a developmental tool.  Delegates will finish knowing the skills required to create a high performing and motivating work environment for everyone they lead.  They will understand how coaching conversations can be used to have courageous conversations where behaviours or performance are below expected standards.  
The first days learning objectives are to:

  • Define coaching 
  • Discuss the benefits of taking a coach approach.   
  • How coaching can be used to support individuals, improve performance and in career development. 
  • Explore how coaching can be effectively used to support individuals in the workplace 
  • Appreciate the difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling, and training 
  • Learn the effective coach toolkit 
  • Coaching Principles 
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in leadership coaching 
  • Awareness and Responsibility to activate learning 
  • Powerful questions 
  • Active Listening 
  • Goal Setting / Action Agreement using SMART methodology 
Day 2
The aim is to build upon the learning from Day 1.  From there we introduce the principles of one to one / executive coaching using the coaching federation model and the GROW model as methods of structuring a coaching session.  Along with learning the principles delegates will benefit from video and live demonstration, and from practice activities.  The second part of the day is dedicated to learning styles and understanding their differences and importance when coaching.  
  • Review the Coaching Federation's model for coaching. 
    • Foundations 
    • Co-Creating Relationships
    • Communicating effectively 
    • Facilitating learning and results 
  • Appreciate different learning styles and how to utilise these in coaching and mentoring 
    • Explore the different learning styles developed by Honey and Mumford and their importance to consider when coaching and mentoring – Activist, Reflector, Pragmatist, Theorist. 
    • Review other learning styles Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Reading and Writing
  • Explore the GROW model as a coaching technique: 
    • Goal 
    • Reality 
    • Opportunities 
    • Way Forward 

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Advanced Coaching Skills

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