Negotiation Skills for Senior Leaders and Managers

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Course Duration: Two days

Course Overview

Having the ability to negotiate and influence well is essential in our increasingly complex, dynamic and diverse workplaces.  Negotiation is the most practical and effective mechanism for allocating resources, balancing competing interests, and resolving conflicts of all kinds.  Regardless of your role you probably want and need to know how to get better outcomes in your negotiations and disputes.  Whether you have seen it all, or are just starting out, this course is designed to teach you the most modern, up-to-date thinking about negotiation and influencing. 
We will look at a step-by-step negotiation framework and will explore influencing techniques that work in the real world even when the other side is hostile, unethical or more powerful.   This framework will help you minimise reliance on intuition and will increase your understanding and use of proven strategies, which when applied, will help you achieve excellent negotiated outcomes consistently.  
This course has been designed with thorough research using the Harvard Business School’s latest behavioural research, which they have drawn from the experiences of thousands of businesses and negotiated outcomes from all over the world.  
This is a highly participative and practical course.  We work with HR Professionals, senior leaders and managers on current issues and build the course to meet individual and team needs and issues. The programme has time built in to practice what is being learned throughout the course.


Day 1
  • Define Negotiation and a number of related terms
    • Definition of Negotiation
    • Characteristics of Win – Win negotiation, and is this always achievable?
    • Creating V Claiming Value
    • Positions and Interests
    • Impasse
    • Negotiation Scenarios we encounter in Senior Leaderships and HR environments
  • Identify the key personality differences between an effective and a difficult negotiator
    • Mental Strengths required for negotiation
    • Characteristics of a difficult negotiator 
    • Key negotiation rules and principles
  • Explore the five phases of negotiation
  • Analyse - The pre-negotiation framework
    • Assess your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
      • ID all plausible alternative options
      • Estimate the value associated with each alternative
      • Select best alternative
    • Identify your fall-back position
    • Assess the other parties BATNA
    • Determine the other party’s fallback position.
    • Explore the ZOPA – Zone of Possible Agreement
  • Prepare
    • Creative thinking
    • Claiming Value in negotiation
      • Defining value
      • How can I get the best possible deal for yourself?
      • How can I get the best possible deal for both parties?
    • Whether or not to make the opening offer
    • What information should you share?
    • What information can you acquire?
    • Objectives for the negotiation: Yours and the other parties.
  • Debate
    • Investigative negotiation theory
    • Claiming Value V Creating Value
    • Creating value for both parties in a negotiation
    • How to learn about the other side’s real interests
  • Propose
    • Opening offers
    • Understanding the power of anchors
    • Setting the anchor
    • How to make a proposal
    • Listening to the other party’s proposal
    • Separating information from influence
    • Bargaining effectively to create maximum value for both parties
  • Bargain
    • How and when to make concessions
    • An exploration of possibilities simultaneously
    • Look for signals
    • If you……. Then I (conditional and tentative)
    • Explore opportunities to logroll
    • Overcoming disagreements
    • Contingency contracts
    • Eight bargaining strategies
Day 2
  • Post Negotiation Evaluation
    • Evaluating your outcome
    • What mistakes did you make?
    • Reopening negotiations to improve the deal for both parties.  
  • Negotiating as a team
    • Explore how to conduct a team negotiation.
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Reading the room
  • Explore a variety of influencing strategies
    • Seven strategies for influencing people
    • Six strategies to defend yourself against other people’s influence
  • Create impact using effective communication skills to build rapport and relationships
    • Understand people’s negotiation focus – Analysis, Results, Stability, Involvement.
    • Negotiation focus weaknesses
    • Varying the style with the person.
    • Gambits and Ploys.
    • Explore various gestures and postures and the messages they convey.
    • Rapport building
      • Representational Language- Visual, Hearing and Feeling.
      • Eye Patterns
      • Matching and Mirroring – Verbal and Non-Verbal communications.
      • Using intonation patterns effectively

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Negotiation Skills for Senior Leaders and Managers

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