Change Management - A guide to implementing change

Change & Project Management

Course Duration: Two Days

Course Overview

The aim of this programme is to identify strategies and actions that will help managers, team leaders and their staff implement vital change whilst continuing to run the day-to-day business.


  • Overview of work and change: The ‘big picture’ and taking responsibility in this context
  • Individual change
    • Using the change curve to recognise and understand our experience and needs in relation to change
    • Identifying what we can learn from this to help maintain performance levels for ourselves and our teams
  • Management of change
    • What managers need to do to keep day-to-day business productive; the skills needed to implement change
  • The change journey
    • Designing your own ‘tailor-made’ processes for change
  • Fit for change
    • Coping with the balance of supports and demands including the work-life balance- 
    • Overcoming the barriers to building support and sustainability
  • Communicating through change
    • The importance of regular communication
    • The benefits and disadvantages of different methods of communication
  • Effective processes and positive behaviours
  • Real life situations and case studies
    • Problem solving action sessions

Learning outcomes

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Change Management - A guide to implementing change

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