Negotiation Skills for Buyers

Business Skills

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

Uncover the process, practice and psychology of negotiations. This course is an essential for those involved in regular purchasing decisions for their organisation. Delegates will engage in role-play scenarios leaving them with a new perspective on handling supplier relationships.


  • Whose side are you on?
    • Understanding your responsibility to your organisation throughout the negotiation process.
  • Win-win
    • Everybody talks about it, but what happens when the supplier is uninterested in an outcome that suits both parties? 
    • Ensuring your interests are met without having to give away more than you are prepared.
  • The psychology of negotiation
    • Why people do what they do and how to recognise and take advantage of unusual behaviour
  • Understanding the supplier’s perspective
    • What are their ‘yard-sticks’?
    • How do they manage their business?
  • Preparation
    • Establish your limits and prepare for what you will do if you can’t agree.
  • Opening the negotiation
    • Taking control, establishing your position and consistently achieving better outcomes.
  • Conducting the negotiation
    • Questioning skills and understanding how to ‘Trade’ properly.
  • Closure
    • Clarify the agreed points and ensure the deal sticks.

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Negotiation Skills for Buyers

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