Managing Dignity at Work

Human Resource Management

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

All staff have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy. The workplace should be free from harassment, bullying, victimisation and discrimination and employees have a right to be valued for their skills and abilities. This one-day programme covers behaviours that constitute discrimination, bullying and different forms of harassment. This training course explores the legal framework and your obligations to developing and/or implementing a Dignity at Work Policy and how inappropriate behaviour should be properly addressed.


  • What does Dignity at Work mean?
  • Key legislative responsibilities
  • How and why people bully or treat people differently
  • Different behaviours
    • Understanding where other people's thinking, problem solving, and actions come from
  • Understanding self and others – perceptions and the unconscious bias
  • Work related case studies
  • Examples of Dignity, Diversity and Equality Policies
  • How the company will monitor and evaluate effectiveness
  • Defining and recognising bullying and harassment
  • Examples of a company’s disciplinary procedures and approach
  • Employee responsibilities v management responsibilities
  • Identifying inappropriate behaviour in others
  • Creating an organisational culture where diversity is embraced
  • Team Dynamics
    • Storming / Forming / Norming / Performing
    • Team building – where are you now?

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Managing Dignity at Work

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