Performance Management

Human Resource Management

Course Duration: Two days

Course Overview

This programme is designed for people who are responsible for managing others and their performance. Effective performance management of each individual member of the team is critical in today's increasingly competitive environment and the aim of this course is to enable delegates to achieve their business objectives by developing the skills of their staff and improving all aspects of operational performance.


  • Establishing and prioritising business goals
    • Breaking down goals into tasks and activities
    • How to clarify the knowledge and skills required to complete each activity
    • How to establish which member of staff is best suited to carry out each task
  • Planning a strategy for motivating staff
  • How to design a simple incentive programme
  • How to monitor performance
    • Measuring performance
    • Communicating results
  • How to prepare for and conduct a performance review and appraisal meeting
  • Identifying an appropriate training solution for a performance shortfall
  • Explore the leadership and management skills required to effectively manage performance
  • Creating a timetable of activities designed to maintain momentum

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Performance Management

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