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Course Duration: One day

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This comprehensive one-day course is an essential programme for individuals that write technical documents.
Your technical team’s expert knowledge is largely wasted if it can’t be properly communicated. Oftentimes, technical people are so passionate and close to their subject that they lose sight of who will read what they’ve written and what their level of knowledge is. This technical-writing course is aimed specifically at bridging that communication gap.


Planning your document (format, contents and structure)

  • Participants will learn how to use a generic template to identify the appropriate format, contents and structure of any document. Introduction to a generic template for planning documents.
  • The four questions to ask before starting to write (why, who, what and how). Identifying the best format, contents and tone for documents from the answers.
  • Applying a logical structure and flow to guide readers through documents and get important messages noticed.
  • Why and how to write an executive summary or abstract.

Presenting data (text, tables, figures and charts)
  • Participants will learn how to choose between and create, text, tables, charts or figures for presenting information and ideas. The pluses and minuses of using text, tables, figures and charts to present information.
  • When and how to decide which to use.
  • An introduction to creating professional-looking tables, charts and figures in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Using the right language - (plain English)
  • Participants will learn what can make some writing more difficult for readers, and how to make sure that theirs is always clear and concise.
  • The principles of plain English.
  • Tips and techniques for spotting un-plain English
  • Tips and techniques for writing in plain English

Corporate style guide
  • Participants will learn techniques for making sure that readers can understand any terminology, as well as how to apply consistency to documents generally.
  • What should be considered as terminology.
  • Methods of providing definitions/explanations: glossaries, footnotes and references. abbreviations and acronyms, annexes and appendices.
  • Which of the above to use and when.
  • The benefits of a corporate style guide and what should go in one.

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Technical Writing Skills

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