Advanced Presentation Skills

Behavioural Skills

Course Duration: Two days

Course Overview

As well as demonstrating how to prepare your most effective, interesting and memorable presentations, by the end of this course you will have been given detailed feedback on your natural, professional style and you will have been shown how you can work your delivery, persuasive language and audience interaction to maximise your impact. 

Throughout this two-day programme, digital recordings will be used and played back on regular occasions to help delegates follow their progress. Even the experienced presenters amongst the group will enjoy the core modules on channelling nervous energy positively; developing excellent oratory techniques and effectively using all aspects of ‘presenting language’ to inspire their audience and instil confidence.


  •  Planning and preparing your presentation
    •  being prepared: making a presentation plan, use of visuals, use of other resources
    •  building confidence and managing any nerves
  •  Starting your presentation
    •  creating a good first impression & generating rapport
    •  oratory techniques and crucial points to remember
    •  using different resources and aids/when and where to use them
    •  managing tricky situations
  •  Presentation strategies and techniques
    •  body language
    •  techniques and examples of its use by 'experts’
    •  Showcase business value rather than the product or service
    •  Tie the major points of the presentation back to corporate objectives
  •  Closing the presentation - ending on a high

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Advanced Presentation Skills

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