Professional Information Asset Officers Programme

Business Resilience and Security

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

This programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and contextual understanding necessary to fulfil the role of Information Asset Officer in an efficient, effective and professional manner.


The programme is designed to dovetail with our Information Asset Managers Programme and our Information Risk Audit and Information Asset Policy Development services. 

Key Content Areas:

  • The purpose and business benefits of taking a professional approach to information asset management
  • The information asset officers (IAO) role and its importance to the efficiency, effectiveness and resilience of the organisation
  • Understand the operational tensions between information security and the operational needs of access Develop and understanding of risk, and impact of IAO process failure – Loss, Theft or Unapproved Release
  • The IAO, their place and function within the organisations information assurance and governance requirements
  • Understand and control internal and external risks to information assets and the impact of compliance failure
  • Understand the challenges of managing the information holding spectrum – Hard Copy Format – Mixed Formats – Electronic Format and it’s impact on: Process Administration and movement tracking
  • The importance of maintaining a professional Information Risk Register, document identification and filing protocols Hard Copy and Electronic Information Security Risk Designation / Scoring – (Caveating / Security / Sensitivity Marking) Retention and Disposal Policy and Practice
  • Restrictions of access
  • Access to Information processes:DPA, FOIA, EIR. . .as they apply to your organisation.

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Professional Information Asset Officers Programme

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