Managing Teams

Leadership & Management

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

This course is designed to demonstrate to the managers of new and established teams how they can work together in a more confident, relaxed and constructive manner. Delegates will be shown how they can best appreciate the other team members and coach them to utilise and develop the skills they have for the greater benefit of everyone involved.


This course will provide delegates with structured training on:
  • Learning to recognise effective teams
  • Understanding what makes an effective strong team
  • Exploring the dynamics and characteristics of successful and un-successful teams
  • Identifying non-team players and help them join your team
  • Self-improvement
Delegates will be invited to discuss how to appreciate the benefits of an effective team; discover what their Team Role is; how to give and receive constructive criticism; how to remain an individual and contribute constructively to the project.

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Managing Teams

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