Effective Communication Skills

Behavioural Skills

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Confident and skilful communication in the workplace should be central to everyone's role, however, too often issues arise purely as a result of poor or ill-thought-out verbal communication. This practical short course will demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to communicate better with colleagues and customers. A variety of different day-to-day workplace situations such as meetings and telephone conversations will be examined.


  • Barriers to good communication
  • Choosing the best method for communication – verbal or written?
  • The structure of good communication
    • Questioning
    • Listening
    • Acknowledging
    • Informing
  • Transactional Analysis and effective communication – How behaviour and personality influence the way people communicate.
  • Understanding the NLP communication model – how we receive, process, and respond to communication.
  • Important components of communication
    • The words we use.
    • The way we say things – tone, pitch, pace.
    • Our body language.
    • The importance of congruence.
  • Communicating with influence.
  • Important considerations for written communication.

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Effective Communication Skills

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