Strengthening your Personal Resilience

Human Resource Management

Course Duration: One Day

Course Overview

Resilience is about personal control and attitude combined with motivation to be resilient. Attitudes are constructed from thoughts, emotions and feelings. Strengthening resilience is about making attitudes more robust – a ‘will do’ attitude, as opposed to a ‘can do’ attitude. It is about regulating thoughts and feelings to arrive at a robust attitude towards a stressful event, because the perceived benefits of being resilient outweigh the alternatives.


Welcome and Introductions: “What Is your biggest challenge in keeping resilient?”
Why is this workshop important?
Exploring personal resilience

  • Understanding and defining resilience
  • The central characteristics of a resilient person (the four main components)
Factors affecting personal resilience
  • Identifying Work/Personal
  • Understanding stress and identifying triggers/signs/symptoms
  • Exploring change and the change curve, comfort zones and the psychological reaction (how the mind works)
  • Self-Awareness and the Mental Health Continuum Tool
Current Coping Strategies
  • Supporting yourself
  • Support colleagues
  • Identifying which are healthy and our usual habits/patterns
Positive strategies for strengthening your resilience “Tools and Takeaways”
  • The top five identified
  • Analysing scores from the pre-course completion of the resilience questionnaire
  • Creation of personal profile
  • Introduction to a set of positive psychology tools
  • Demonstration, video and audio presentation
Peer Learning Sessions “It’s Good to Talk”
  • Peer Learning Introduced and ground rules set
  • Using personal challenge identified earlier discuss in small groups and create personal action plan
Support Services and Signposting
  • Organisational/Internal Support
  • External Support
Next Steps
  • Recap Outcomes
  • Commitment to an Individual Personal Action Plan
  • Identify stop/start/continue behaviours
  • Follow Up Support

Learning outcomes

Who should attend


Course benefits

Pre-course work

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Strengthening your Personal Resilience

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