Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Leadership & Management

Course Duration: One Day

Course Overview

Conflict in the workplace can have a significant effect upon productivity, motivation and the retention of personnel. This highly participative programme analyses the types of conflict that occur and sets guidelines for managing those situations.   They will also learn how to encourage healthy conflict and debate to create an environment where people feel they can positively challenge each other’s thinking.  Perceived conflict also often stops people from having courageous conversations.  We will explore this and will help delegates develop skills to hold positive conversations about difficult issues.
By the end of this course, delegates will be able to use techniques that enable them to deal positively and confidently with conflict, disagreement, and aggression.  They will be able to hold productive courageous conversations when giving others feedback and discussion issues.


The content for this in-depth course includes:
  • Understanding why conflict is inevitable.
  • Explore the five conflict management styles people adopt, and the effectiveness of each.
  • The modern approach to conflict management – creating an environment of psychological safety which promotes creativity, curiosity, collaboration, social support, developing your whole self, trust, blame-free working and a positive culture. 
  • Distinguish between aggressive, passive, and assertive communication.
  • How to maintain composure when responding to conflict situations.
  • Techniques to turn potential conflict situations into positive conversations.
  • Use skills to manage verbal and non-verbal language to de-escalate the situation.
  • How to approach and hold courageous conversations that can stop conflict escalating.
  • Providing feedback in a manner that promotes positive outcomes rather than confrontation.
  • Explore how to encourage and cultivate an environment of positive conflict.

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Managing Conflict in the Workplace

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