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What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery methodology is a powerful profiling tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung.  Its simplicity belies the power it provides to learners looking to establish the foundations of self-awareness, understanding themselves and others better, which leads to stronger connection and communication, enabling them to grow and develop as individuals to create high performing and motivated teams, as well as grow effective management and leadership skills.  

The simple four colour model helps individuals understand their behaviour style, their strengths and values they bring to the work they do in your organisation. It also helps the individuals within a team find common language to support feedback as well as giving leaders the opportunity to lead with authenticity.

Working in partnership with Marion Letham of Training Maze, an Insights Discovery practitioner, we can tailor your behavioural or leadership and management training to incorporate the tool and provide you with a bespoke solution for your team.

Below are just some of the areas Insights Discovery can be incorporated to positively influence the outcomes from your training with us:


Leadership Development

Change Management

Sales & Service

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Insights Discovery

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