Developing Confident Negotiation Skills

Behavioural Skills

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

The ability to negotiate with skill and preparedness in a variety of different scenarios is an essential contributor to successful organisational performance.  This one day programme introduces participants from all disciplines to the fundamental skills and techniques of negotiating, enabling them to become significantly more persuasive and influential by helping them develop more confident and professional styles of communication.  All delegates on this programme will engage in exercises that facilitate the transfer of the practical skills studied for use into the workplace.


  •  Explain the difference between selling and negotiation
  •  Identify the key personality differences between a good and a bad negotiator
  •  Recognise the five phases of negotiation
  •  Use creative thinking to plan a negotiation
  •  List the ten most common negotiating mistakes
  •  Create impact using effective verbal communication skills 
  •  Highlight the importance of body language to a negotiation
  •  Demonstrate a negotiation using features and benefits

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Developing Confident Negotiation Skills

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