Time Management

Behavioural Skills

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

The course aim is to develop excellent planning, prioritising, delegation and decision-making skills which support delegates in managing their work and responsibilities.  Delegates will also learn practical problem solving and decision-making skills to enable them to manage their time more effectively.  Delegates will leave with an action plan of how they intend to apply their skills to proactive, improve their personal performance and demonstrate responsibility for their own learning, development and progression.  


  • Establishing your role and responsibilities. 
  • What effect does good planning and prioritising have on you, your team and the organisation?
  • Planning and prioritising using Covey’s Quadrants
  • Discuss tools and techniques that can be used to work effectively through tasks, emails, people development, meetings, and team workload
  • Using the productivity CORD model – Capture & Collect, Organise, Review, Do.
  • Scheduling work based on your attention level
  • Managing your inbox to zero
  • Delegation of tasks

Which tasks are best to delegate and who to delegate to

Techniques for effective delegation

  • Decision-making and how it impacts on time management

The importance of considering the impacts to stakeholders when decision making.

The 8-step decision making model

  • The importance of understanding others’ roles when deciding how to prioritise tasks
  • Complete personal action plan at end of training and commit to sharing it with line manager to ensure its application

Learning outcomes

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Course benefits

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Time Management

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