Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

This one day course is Certified by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE and HSENI) as suitably qualifying individuals as able to perform basic First Aid duties in the workplace.


  •  Priorities of First Aid approved code of practice
  •  Basic Safety at the Scene
  •  Understanding of the Injury
  •  Airway management
  •  Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  •  Defibrillation
  •  Breathing Assessment
  •  Administration of Oxygen
  •  Bleeding and Hemorrhage Control
  •  Dealing with Burns
  •  Basic Head Injury management
  •  Medical emergencies
  •  Content of First Aid Boxes
  •  Simple documentation

Learning outcomes

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Emergency First Aid at Work

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