Conflict Resolution

Human Resource Management

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

Conflict in the workplace is a normal and regular occurrence and can be a healthy basis for development and growth. Different people’s opinions and perspectives can often lead to creative solutions when channelled in a productive way. Confident and skilful communication in the workplace allows for the resolution of conflict. Being excellent at resolving conflict creates a more productive work environment and helps build strong working relationships. On the other hand, ill-thought-out verbal and non-verbal communication can escalate small issues into much more complex and challenging situations which are difficult to overcome.

This practical short course will demonstrate tools and techniques you can use to resolve conflict with confidence through excellent communication with your colleagues, contractors or customers.


The content for this in-depth course includes: 
  • Understanding why conflict is inevitable
  • Understanding how conflict can be positive
  • Traditional ways of dealing with conflict
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Learn a preference for coping with conflict
  • Distinguish between aggression, assertion and submission
  • The three stances  - Aggressive  - Assertive  - Passive
  • Conflict strategies 
  • Manage conflict both internally and also with customers and suppliers
  • Develop the skills necessary to handle a variety of everyday confrontational situations

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Conflict Resolution

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