Emotional Intelligence

Behavioural Skills

Course Duration: One day

Course Overview

This course is designed to demonstrate to delegates how they can become more sensitive to their own needs and the needs of others. It will deepen their knowledge of how emotions affect behaviour and equip them with tools and strategies to move from negative to positive emotional states.


  • Emotions and why are they important for effective communication
  • Why we think, feel and act the way we do
  • Recognising emotions and their impact on our behaviour
  • Identifying situations that can be handled better
  • Responses - choice or habit
  • Moving from negative to positive states
  • Altering your physiological state to impact on your psychological state
  • Understanding the impact of our language on our own and the mental state of others
  • Using creative language to generate new possibilities
  • Listening with empathy and enhancing self-esteem
  • Broadening perceptual awareness

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Emotional Intelligence

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