Design and Delivery

The philosophy that underpins our approach to customising and delivering in-house training events for our clients has stood us in good stead for nearly twenty years. It is an understanding that every client is different because every business and organisation is unique. We aim to understand the nuanced elements before we dive right in, so we like to get to know you first.

That investment of our time will, we know, stand us in good stead because it is all part of the trust building process. This has its foundation in the most basic principle: if we help you succeed, you’ll likely ask us back. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this year. But the impression will last, and we know we’ll see you again. We are invested in developing strong, long lasting business relationships founded upon the highest quality of training, delivered by motivational, engaged, charismatic and interested training consultants, who are our front-end customer care team.

This is how it works:-

Step 1

You tell us about the skills gap you have identified

Step 2

We put you in touch with one of our contract managers

Step 3

We establish the facts then prepare a detailed and costed proposal for your training programme

Step 4

When you are satisfied and would like to proceed, we carefully select a trainer from our team to take your programme forward

Step 5

The actual research and design of your programme begins here - it is crucial the trainer spearheads this part of the design process

Step 6

On completion of the research phase with you, our trainer will feedback to our in-house design team who then produce your organisation’s branded learning & development programme

The Result?

A Programme customized to reflect your organisation’s culture, values, belief and vision, delivered by our trainer within a timescale to meet your needs either virtually or in person. For your people, it will feel like it has been designed for them as individuals and as a team. It will feel like they are being presented with a gift, an appreciation of their role in your organisation. It will feel like they are being invested in because they are valued. That is OUR aim. Now, what is YOURS?

We are here to help!

For any queries regarding any of our courses please Contact us at enquiries@cosensa.co.uk

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