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Travel restrictions, budget or time constraints have seen many organisations move to virtual and digital learning solutions over traditional classroom learning to develop their people. Our live virtual learning experiences, available for all our programmes, are the perfect solution for geographically dispersed employees or when travel and time constraints make classroom training a challenge.

Carefully curated content to meet the needs of the virtual environment

Virtual Classes Increase Training Efficiency

Virtual learning offers some significant advantages. With a virtual experience, your learners can instantly ‘travel’ digitally to their online classroom in a way that they simply can’t with a live classroom. This means best use of the learner’s time and best value for you. Along the same lines as live classroom training, we can make virtual learning more bespoke to your needs. Our trainers can adapt and deliver specific content to groups of learners, streamlining and focusing the learning journey, giving employees the training they actually need.

Make the Most of your Training Budget

Lower travel and logistics costs allows for scalable training for more learners.

Eliminate Travel 

Virtual learning facilitates ease of access to new skills because there’s no need for travel or meeting space.

Boost Learning Retention

Studies*show that retention of learning in a virtual setting can be between 15% to 50% higher than classroom training

Improved Engagement

Virtual experiences allow for the use of more interactive, online tools than the traditional classroom, keeping the learner more engaged in the content.

Invest in Virtual Learning

We know you want your colleagues to get the most out of any learning experience so they can quickly shift from learning to doing. But piecing random modules together from a generic online course library won’t give your learners the consistency and depth of learning that will really make a difference and drive behaviour change. We carefully develop content into our programme design to ensure your colleagues gain the skills they need right now to get to them to their next development level. We’ve been facilitating best-in-class content for nearly 20 years. Our engaging training designs boost learner focus and retention and our content experts are proficient in the art of virtual delivery.


  • Ensures your learners have a consistent learning experience
  • Cuts instruction time by up to 60%
  • Allows your learners access to a live classroom environment without the need for travel
  • Can be less costly than classroom training

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